Thursday, 19 March 2020

Thursday 19th March 2020

 A 'new normal' is beginning to settle in amongst us - we hope just for the time being.

I've been struck by just how many churches will be trying to 'stream' a service on Sunday.

I hear the Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested we light a candle at 7pm on Sunday evening and place it at a window; showing solidarity with each other and affirming our belief that light is stronger than darkness.

Lent has always challenged us to 'slow down', and this year that opportunity has come in a most unexpected way.  So, just the thought, that we might grasp this moment to do one or two of those things we've been putting off for years, making the most of the spaces that have now appeared in our diaries.

And people are talking more.  I've just had a lovely conversation with our postman, and we don't often do that.  He asked about my 'job' with great interest, and I thanked him for all he was doing.  He gave me the post and said with a cheery smile: 'Now wash your hands'!  So I have.

Of course, we continue to hold in our thoughts and prayers those who are suffering and those who are working so hard to keep us as safe as possible.

Please also remember today Mary and her family as they gather for Jamie's funeral service this afternoon.

May you, today, know the blessing and presence of God in all you do.


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