Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Bluebird Cafe!

On one of the sunniest days of the year this week we drove down to Southampton to visit my brother and his family.  His son, a golfing pro working in China, was on holiday and spending time with them so we popped down to see him too.

I've not lived in that part of the world now for thirty years but I 'finished' my growing up there so my memories of the area come from one of the most formative periods of my life.

Two things struck me as we went through the day.

In the afternoon we walked by the coast at Lee On Solent - ice cream in hand.  We passed the Bluebird Cafe and immediately my mind went back to the days I would take my grandfather there.  He was living with us and was virtually blind so occasionally I'd drive him over to the Bluebird for coffee and a Danish pastry.  He loved those simple outings.  And there it was, this small seaside cafe, three decades on still thriving and serving up coffee and Danish to other grandads and sons!

We move on and even leave an area - but the story continues in the places we've left behind.  We experience that in towns we've lived in, churches we've been part of and even cafes we used to visit.  Our lives touch for a time but it is ultimately temporary.

The other thing that struck me is that with family it is different - there is a certain continuity.  This week I saw my brother again - we've known each other now for longer than we knew our parents! Decades come and go, our respective children grow up and leave home, yet still our stories interweave and are permanently connected.  A 'constant' to be valued and worked at - don't you think?

Best wishes,

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