Friday, 20 March 2020

Friday 20th March 2020

We have a Team Meeting today at 11am at which we'll review measures we have put in place this week and discuss what needs to be done over the next seven days.

We are very grateful for all the caretaker duties Peter undertakes at AFC, and in this quieter time he is engaged in doing some of those jobs that have been on the list for some time, which we've never got around to.

The Sunday Morning Service has now been put together, we did the last bit of recording yesterday evening.  Michael is tweaking it today and later on we'll put the 'Order of Service' on line for you to have a look at.  Tomorrow we'll attempt a trial 'upload'! Do tell others about this if you have a chance.

Today we are going to agree on a rolling programme for Website updates, so that everyday of the week something 'new' appears.  We will also be looking at how we can maintain church finances over this time of not meeting together with no offerings, plus the significant loss of income from lettings.

I am spending part of every day making around 20 phone calls, working my way through the church directory.  I was pleased yesterday to learn that people are back safely from holiday, some told me they appreciated this opportunity to 'slow down', others had family members who have symptoms, whilst others shared with me their new practise of 'family video conferencing' via Whatsapp.  People are very resourceful!

And don't forget, if you have a moment at noon, do stop and pray the Lord's Prayer and The Grace, remembering the AFC community as you pray.

May you, today, know the blessing and presence of God in all you do.


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