Friday, 27 March 2020

Friday 27th March 2020

Recording pieces for this week's audio service yesterday!
Last week a neighbour of ours sent everyone in Cedar Grove a 'call to arms'.  She has been a most effective organisor so we now have a spreadsheet of contact numbers enabling us to keep in contact and look after each other, if and when the time comes.  What struck me was that she spoke in her first letter of us all re-discovering the 'Dunkirk Spirit'. 

I fully understand that, yet, upon reflection this crisis is very different to a war time one.  From what I can make out my grandparents' generation drew great strength from physically being in it together.  That longing for 'community' drove them to the cinema to see the latest Pathe newsreel, to church for national prayer services or simply into each other's kitchens for a cup of tea and a chat.  None of that physical contact is available in this crisis, so we are inventing new ways of expressing 'community'.

One such way is to speak to each other more often whilst out on a walk.  As I've taken the dog out on my one 'exercise' outing per day I've noticed that although we are observing that 2m rule, most people do it with a smile on their face and a cheerful 'hello'.  Ironically, I've felt more connected with my fellow walkers since the 2m apart rule than before!

Yesterday the Green household did a bit of recording for this Sunday's audio service.  Although there was lots of laughter as we all pretended we were at the BBC, I hope the end result will be helpful and uplifting.  Even as I write Michael is putting it all together.

I'm delighted that The Revd Heather McIntyre will be writing a short Prayer and Reflection devotional every Friday throughout the Crisis for our website and the first one appears today. Thank you Heather!

May you, today and this weekend, know the blessing and peace of God in all you do.


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