Thursday, 14 June 2012

Trinity Sunday 25 years ago...

It was Trinity Sunday on 14th June 1987 – why do I remember?  Well that evening in a small chapel in a Southampton suburb called Locks Heath I was ordained.  The day before I had left Spurgeon’s College, London – it had been Speech Day with lots of goodbyes.  The next day, Trinity Sunday, I was the first of my batch to take ordination vows – day one of being a Minister of Word and Sacrament. 

It was a sunny evening and before the service I remember we had strawberries and cream on the church lawn.  I was touched that so many family members – and college friends – attended the service.  I already knew I was going to Fuller Baptist Church, Kettering in the autumn and the Senior Minister from there, The Revd Donald MacKenzie, came down to Locks Heath for the service.  I just recall it as being a very special – I would even say ‘sacred’ moment – and one I’ve never forgotten or regretted.

Every church I have served since has been enriching and different – it’s been a privilege these twenty five years to be a minister – hard to convey how precious are those one to one encounters with folk or the joy of leading festival services such as Easter Morning.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world – and it’s not over yet!

I’m very grateful to everyone at South Street who did so much to mark this anniversary last Sunday – it meant a great deal. The cake – pictured above - is now gone but was very delicious!

The words ‘minister’ or ‘deacon’ simply mean ‘servant’ – we are called to be servants of Christ and His Church. 

Yesterday, on a visit to the opticians, I was asked my occupation.  'Minister of Religion' I said . I never know what people will make of that answer!  However, I know what I make of it and to me it means a very great deal.

I hope I never lose the sense of privilege this office holds – and I’m grateful to all those fellow pilgrims on 'The Way' with whom I’ve shared the journey so far.

With best wishes,

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