Sunday, 24 June 2012


Amersham Free Church
It’s been quite a week in our house.  Last weekend we travelled up to Amersham where I ‘preached with a view’.  We were received with great kindness.  After I preached we joined the congregation for a light lunch before a Question and Answer session in the church hall.  Two days later, on Tuesday evening, I was telephoned with the news that the Church Meeting has invited me to become the next minister of Amersham Free Church (Baptist/URC) – an invitation I have gratefully accepted.

Of course a beginning in one place means a period of service in another is now coming to a close.  I was honoured to be ‘called’ by Yeovil in 2006, starting in March 2007, and it has remained an honour and privilege to be minister of South Street and Lockwood Court.  Perhaps these last years will be seen as something of a ‘transitional’ ministry – I hope, in time, that folk will look back on them as a moment when we wrote a new chapter in the long story of Yeovil Baptist Church.  My prayer is that a new pastor, with different gifts to me, will eventually be able to minister here in a way that brings God’s blessing.

Not that the decisions taken this week will come into force immediately.  I guess it won’t be until middle to late autumn until I take up my new post – until then my energies will be taken up here helping to get things in place for the Pastoral Vacancy.

Discerning God’s will and direction is no easier for ministers than anyone else.  We have stirrings in our hearts and conversations with trusted mentors and friends.  Bit by bit we inch forward and try doors.  The journey has led me from Yeovil towards Amersham – and I believe God has been in it step by step.

One of my favourite stories is of Lincoln saying goodbye to friends at his home town railway station as he made his way to Washington to take up office.  He said: The God who goes with me stays with you...  and I’m sure that will be the experience of friends at Yeovil Baptist Church as they begin a new chapter of their 357 year history this autumn.

With prayerful best wishes,


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