Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Man Flu!

Well this week has turned out very differently than expected because I have gone down with the dreaded man flu!

There’s a lot of it around at the moment and the three males in our household have been passing it on to each other. 

I thought I was sailing through it until just after taking the Women’s Meeting on Monday afternoon (you can blame a lot on those sorts of gatherings!).  Since then I’ve been cancelling meetings and appointments left, right and centre and spending a lot of time listening to Radio 4 in bed.

A colleague of mine, who I much respect, wrote on her church blog last year that she was having to spend a few days away from her pastorate and this would give her folk ‘the gift of her absence’.  I thought that was a nice phrase – the idea that sometimes when we are not around others step up to the mark and fulfil their potential. 

I’m grateful for that happening this week – for those who attended Monday evening’s Town Council Meeting without me and read a speech I had written on my behalf protesting about the forthcoming evening and Sunday car parking charges – folk who will chair meetings in my absence so that routine decisions can be made – people who have offered to help out with this Sunday’s worship so that the pressure is taken off.  Thank you!

Rachel said yesterday that colleagues at her school who have had this virus have been told it usually lasts 40 days!  In which case I have been mis-diagnosing it – it isn’t man flu at all – it’s Lent flu!

This weekend the Men’s Breakfast group gathers on Saturday morning for a talk on war time in The Channel Islands and on Sunday we have a Parade Service at which the BB will present a sketch on The Feeding of The Five Thousand followed by Church Lunch (the two are hopefully not related!) and finishing the day with our third Lent Lecture for the Diamond Jubilee, Queen and The Military given by former Army Chaplain, The Revd Paul Cattermole.
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