Thursday, 15 March 2012

Losing my voice!

It’s back today but for seven days it went AWOL!  Losing your voice is a strange experience.  Without it I felt disempowered and at times useless.  Almost everything I do ‘professionally’ depends on having a voice – even answering the telephone (as some of you experienced) became something of a comic moment.

These last few days have made me realise afresh how much I should value ‘normal’ health and those ‘routine’ abilities like being able to speak.  It has also, I must say, been interesting to live life at a slower rate – cancelling a week’s worth of appointments has not been an entirely unpleasant experience!

I do want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Heather and Paul who stepped in and held the fort so wonderfully on Sunday – you’ll understand my concern when Rachel returned home from church and said ‘it went REALLY well’!

A few weeks ago on this blog I wrote about the importance of words – little knowing that just a few days later I wouldn’t be able to speak any.  The voiceless in our society are found at all levels and have been disempowered for all reasons.  In his ministry Jesus seems to have listened out for such people and willingly engaged with them.  Having someone to speak for you – advocacy – brings hope to an abused child, a political refugee or a subsistence farmer.  Being able to contribute to the debate – to speaks words into an arena - as a citizen, member or friend brings a sense of respect and self-worth to us all.  And no wonder one of the richest and deepest titles for Christ is ‘The Word’.

This evening we have a Deacons’ Meeting and this weekend we celebrate Mothering Sunday.

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