Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hauke's Prayer

Hauke, from Germany, is our Time for God volunteer and is serving at Amersham Free Church for this academic year.  We’ve loved getting to know him over recent months and most weeks he takes part in Morning Service, anything from leading the Opening Responses and setting up the Data Projector to playing the piano during the offering.  Last week he did something different – he wrote the opening prayer of adoration and confession – something he’d never done before and in English too! 

His prayer comes across with a certain freshness and deep sincerity – so I thought it would be great to have it on the Blog this week!

Prayer of Adoration
Before you, O God, we are able to calm down.  We don’t have to say great words.  We can just be the person we are.
Before you, O God, we are able to come to rest.  We don’t have to walk around desperately looking for answers.
Before you, O God, we can gather our thoughts and find our way through your guidance.
God, we thank you for filling us with peace and love.

Prayer of Confession
God, you know us and our sins, our way of life and our objectives.
In our daily life we are often only thinking about our own goals and wishes, and tend to forget our surroundings.
Please help us to see the needs of others around us and give us strength to help them.

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