Thursday, 20 April 2017

Brenda isn't impressed!

So, this week our Prime Minister has called a General Election and Brenda wasn’t happy!!

I’m not too sure who Brenda is exactly!  She is the Vox Pops contribution to Radio 4’s ‘PM’ programme and her reaction to the news of an early plebiscite was broadcast on Tuesday afternoon.  She was horrified, exclaiming ‘oh no, not again’!  Clearly last year’s EU Referendum and the 2015 General Election were still fresh memories for her and she can’t stand the thought of a further fifty days of electioneering.

I doubt if she is alone!  Yet I’ve been wondering why? 

Obviously to be involved in an election is to cast a vote, and to do that is to be in the business of making choices.  Is that the issue?  Perhaps people feel they have little choice or they made the ‘wrong’ one last time round. 

Yet life is constantly about decision making.  Everyday we’ll make loads of them; put them altogether in a lifetime and we make tens of thousands.

As I’ve been thinking of Brenda this week I’ve pondered the idea that much of our faith is about making that purposeful and committed choice to follow the message of God found in Jesus and choose the path of love.  It’s not a one off choice but is something we need to consciously ‘sign up’ to every single day.  Discipleship is often about what choices we make and what roads in life we follow.  And, unlike Brenda, the option of just saying ‘oh no, not again’, isn’t one that either honours God or the name ‘Christian’.

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