Thursday, 4 February 2016

Of Alley?!

Having had lunch at St Martins in The Fields on Saturday we walked along to the Courtauld Institute of Art at Somerset House.  En route Rachel read out from the guide book that this whole area had been sold off by a previous Duke of Buckingham many moons ago with one proviso - that every part of his name and title should be commemorated in this area by becoming a street designation.  Hence there is a George Court (his first name), Villiers Street (his family name), Buckingham Street (that's obvious) and would you believe it Of Alley (now called York Place) because - rather pedantically - as Duke OF Buckingham he wanted every part of his title on record!

Well - what do you make of that?!! He certainly wanted history to remember him!

I suppose all of us wonder what people will remember about us when, in the words of the Salvation Army, we are 'promoted to Glory'.

The newspapers were full of very sincere and heartfelt tributes to Sir Terry Wogan on Monday.  He was a man who really seemed to 'connect' with many people.

Last Friday at AFC we held Brenda's Thanksgiving Service.  Brenda was a wonderfully warm and encouraging member of our fellowship.  In her early eighties she still had great energy and enthusiasm.  I never left the table after having a coffee with her without being uplifted.  She played a big part in our church's life as in so many other societies and clubs in Amersham and Chalfont.  Perhaps no surprise, then, that about two hundred people came to church last Friday to give thanks for this kind hearted lady.

I believe I saw something of Jesus in Brenda - something of his warmth, kindness and laughter.

Isn't there an old gospel song that goes 'Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me...'  And that, I would suggest, is the greatest complement that anyone could ever pay us.  Although I'm not sure the Duke of Buckingham would agree?!

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