Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Night: The Birth of Jesus Christ

Tonight we conclude the journey we have been making together at AFC in Advent through Art.

Our final painting in this end of year series is by the Dutch artist Gerald von Honthorst painted in 1622.

Von Honthorst spent the early part of his career in Rome and much admired the work of Caravaggio and he completed a similar painting to this one two years previously in 1620.

This famous work of art wonderfully makes use of light.  It radiates from the Christchild and its source is the Christchild.

We are left in no doubt as to who is the centre of Christmas!

The promise of this Child is that He will bring light, that He is bathed in God's light and that He will enlighten our world with truth and kindness.

And one last observation from me - both the title of this inspired masterpiece and its stunning composition speak of The Adoration of The Shepherds .  Christmas is, I believe, a wonder-filled mystery and the 25th of December isn't really a day for theological debate but for worship.

For Jesus Christ still calls men and women to worship and be filled with wonder, love and praise.  This Christmas season we too can kneel at the manger and offer God our adoration and thanksgiving for the Christchild of Bethlehem.

Happy Christmas!


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