Friday, 6 November 2015

I'm forever blowing bubbles.....

Yesterday I called in at the Sycamore Club - a group held at our church but 'staffed' by a collection wonderful ecumenical volunteers. This group has been running since 1978 and here's how it described on our website:

The aim of the Sycamore Club is twofold:
1. To aid older people with mental health problems by providing genuine care and stimulating activities one day per week
2. To offer relief to the families and neighbours who care for these individuals in the community

Well I was so inspired and impressed by what I saw yesterday.  I entered a room of 'members and volunteers just about to do some armchair arobics - of course I was invited to join in!  There was so much laughter as we did our exercises and even more when this activity was followed up by twenty minutes of singing.  The lady next to me was so enthusiastic as we sang 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' - it was lovely to sit next to her and just sense how much she was enjoying the company and stimulation of this weekly gathering.  One very moving moment was as we sang 'I'm forever blowing bubbles' - as two helpers went around the room gently blowing bubbles on those of us who were seated.  As these beautiful shiny spheres fell to the ground people smiled as we all tried to catch one.

The Sycamore Club is surely a double blessing in that it not only provides a day of companionship and activity for older folk who are now struggling mentally - but in doing so it also gives their faithful carers some free time - time to rest, shop or meet with others - precious time to recharge their batteries ready to receive their loved one back home at the end of the day.

Yesterday it was humbling to see the willingness of the volunteers who do so much to make the Sycamore Club such a positive place to be - their gentle care and compassion is exemplary - and it's wonderful that this is offered by a real mix of people from different churches in Amersham

There are times as a minister when I feel my church 'teaches' me valuable lessons and yesterday was such a day as I saw Christian love in action and thanked God that I belong to such a caring and compassionate community.

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