Thursday, 4 December 2014

The value of small groups

On Tuesday we held our annual party and presentation evening for the small cells of our church community - a programme we call 'Life and Faith Groups'.  It's the one opportunity for these diverse groups to come together over a meal and share some of the activities which have characterised their life over the last twelve months.  I remembered half way through how inspired I'd been at this gathering last year and it was the same again on Tuesday.

We have three study groups - one seems to take a sideways look at the Lectionary readings and often expresses that discovery through craft work, another is led by our Associate Minister and amongst other techniques has studied various passages this year looking at say a dozen interpretations from commentators and the placed them in order of 'preference or relevance', and the other group has majored during one term looking at various biblical women and in another focusing on biblical men.

The three remaining groups are:  our 'Hands Together' group - knitting baby outfits for various charities, our Book Discussion Group, drawing together about a dozen people every other month to discuss a book and our 'Bring and Share Prayer Group' which meets every Friday either for led or silent prayer.

Tuesday was a wonderful evening when, after a shared meal, we listened to each group bring a presentation about its work and life together.  As I listened to these it was obvious that this side of church brings fellowship and a mutual sense of pilgrimage to participants.

Most of the groups take a break over Christmas and re-form in the New Year for what I hope and pray will be another stimulating year of fellowship and study.

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