Friday, 14 November 2014

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate to obtain some free tickets for the BBC Young Choristers of the Year 2014 final at St Paul's Cathedral - and it was a wonderful evening.

It left me very conscious that the 'voice' is actually an inspiring instrument - one that you don't need to put in a case or polish with the Brasso!

The cathedral was full that evening and all the 'contestants' were in their teens - four boys and four girls (interesting that whilst all the boys sung from sheet music all the girls opted instead to rely entirely, and successfully, on their memories!)  I admit I was enchanted from the start, especially because they sang some lovely hymns such as Christ Triumphant (to Guiting Power), My song is love unknown and Angel voices ever singing - and of course there wasn't a dud singer among them.  Alongside these hymns they also sang a 'religious' piece of music such as O rest in the Lord from Mendelssohn's Elijah or How beautiful are the feet by Handel.  It was utterly captivating from beginning to end - and I felt rather smug that I privately selected the winners (Luke McWatters and Laura Barraclough)!

As we left and made our way home on the Tube I think we were all still in the 'glow' that had come upon us through that evening of music.  It had been a sheer delight to see young people taking part in this competition with such skill, commitment and simple joy - that was it - we actually got the impression they 'enjoyed' singing!  And I've never ever heard such clapping and cheering in St Paul's before - it was quite a happy and vibrant audience.

I suspect I've said it more than once on this Blog - that for me they go together: music and the 'touch of God'.

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