Thursday, 12 April 2012

Doing Easter Together

Good Friday Workshop
Last weekend was fizzing with activity because a lot of our Easter at South Street was done together!

A week on from Maundy Thursday I’ve been revisiting some of the services and events we crammed into those few days and it strikes me just how much had to be organised behind the scenes to make it all work.

Maundy Thursday: I walk into the Chapel Lounge to lead communion and everything has been set out thoughtfully with bread and wine provided and placed on the table.

Good Friday: A bustling craft workshop with six activities was provided – all the materials carefully laid out and ready for use so folks could express their individual creativity!  Alongside that copious amounts of tea, coffee and hot cross buns were provided by an enthusiastic team. Later that morning we held a walk of witness and open air service – and this meant service leaflets needed to be printed, amplification and musicians organised and even police permission and public liability insurance for the walk obtained!

Easter Day: An 8am service on Ham Hill – would anyone turn up?  Yes – 30 wonderful people!! And everyone had a printed service sheet.  Back at church we returned for a delicious full English breakfast served with some style.  At 10.30am we held our ‘big’ service of the day supported by musicians, singers, flower arrangers, welcomers, refreshment providers – done by all those people who regularly ‘grace’ our church every Sunday with their offering of Christian service.  At 6.30pm it was a quiet service of communion and once again everything was beautiful set up and ready.  But it wasn’t over yet...!

Easter Monday:  A walk through the Somerset countryside organised by the Social Committee – it had been thoroughly planned and was led with quiet skill.


I believe that part of the message of the resurrection is the new community God is building – a Community of The Resurrection centred around Christ and celebrating his life, death and rising again.  I hope, like me, you felt that in some small measure we experienced something of that community last weekend – and the biggest of ‘thank yous’ to everyone who made it happen!

This weekend The Revd Tudor Botwood, Naval Chaplain at RNAS Yeovilton, will be leading Morning Worship and Mrs Linda Lovell will be presiding at Evening Worship.

With best wishes,


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