Tuesday, 7 February 2012

On 'Seeing' God

On Sunday we held a ‘Question Time’ evening in the Chapel Lounge.  It was a coming together of our evening congregation and members of our Solid Rock youth group; a real and beneficial blending of the age spectrum within our church community. 

The youngsters had spent the previous Sunday night cooking up some fascinating questions for our panel of wise ‘elders’!  Kate, Jackie, Roger and Keith did a splendid job in answering the light hearted enquiries such as ‘What is your favourite sweet?’, or, ‘Are you any good with modern technology?’  And they also offered helpful and thoughtful answers to more profound questions such as, ‘When did you willingly start going to Church?’ or ‘Why did you become a deacon?’ 

One question that made an impact on me was the one that went: ‘How do you see God?’

Kate kicked off and told us she liked to think of him as the loving and supportive ‘hands’ that carry us through life.  Other members of the panel talked of ‘seeing’ him hazily in the present yet more clearly in the story of the past, or as a friend who would always be there.

Sunday evening was terrific and if you came along I hope you feel as positive about it as me!

Christians have always ‘seen’ God in very unique and personal ways.  To some he is a loving heavenly father yet others might shy away from that imagery and find the picture of a shepherd more helpful. 

I myself, if I’m honest, rarely think in terms of ‘God’ but more readily view the divine through the prism of The Lord Jesus Christ – the Man for others.  Christ’s teaching and example in the gospels is what fires my faith most of all – it’s that gospel image of him encountering, confronting, inspiring and comforting the individuals and crowds around him that gives me a picture of God I can understand.

So...I wonder...how do you ‘see’ God?

This weekend we look forward to welcoming The Oddments Theatre Company to morning worship.  Oddments have a ministry of drama which they take into schools, churches and prisons.
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